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From Sanko
We are a manufacturer of measuring instruments with a history of 80 years.
We manufacture golf instruments, golf tool-related products, glass condensing mirrors,
and large precision reflectors.
A large vacuum vapor deposition system is installed at the Ina branch.
We can also handle only vapor deposition work according to the customer's request.

We are currently developing a large reflector that is lighter than conventional glass mirrors.
Some technologies are used in mirrors for CTA.
April 2020 In April 2020, we succeeded in starting test of vacuum vapor deposition equipment for TAO (Φ6.5m).

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October 2018 The first CTA telescope (LST1) was completed in October 2018.

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February 2016 In February 2016, we recoated the primary mirror, secondary mirror,
and third mirror of the "Nayuta Telescope" owned by
Nishiharima Observatory of Hyogo Prefectural University.

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June 2014 In 2014, we conducted a development test on the 6.5m primary mirror vacuum deposition equipment and its ancillary equipment at the University of Tokyo Atacama Observatory. Tokyo Atacama Observatory.
January 2013 Our high-performance balancer has been adopted by
Titleist's overseas factories (USA, Australia, South Korea)
domestic factories.
April 2012 Compatible with solar condensing mirrors and solar condensing systems
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