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Recoating of the primary mirror of the telescope

In February 2016, we re-evaporated the primary mirror, secondary mirror, and third mirror of the
"Nayuta Telescope" owned by Nishiharima Observatory of Hyogo Prefectural University.

The plating on the surface of the reflector of the telescope gradually deteriorates due to the adhesion
of dust, etc., and the reflectance decreases.

Therefore, it is necessary to renew the reflective film of the reflector.

We have done the following:
① Removal work of old reflective film
② Cleaning the mirror surface
③ Recoating with our large vacuum deposition equipment

The primary mirror of the Nayuta Telescope is very large and heavy, with a diameter of about 2 m
and a weight of about 1 ton. Furthermore, because it is made of glass,
it is fragile to impact and requires great care in handling.

We responded by designing and preparing the jigs necessary for handling.

For vapor deposition, we modified our own sputtering equipment with a diameter of 2.8 m and performed vapor deposition.

A protective film is deposited on a thin film of aluminum.


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